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10 things you might not know about Audrey Hepburn

Crash Course in All Things Audrey

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Ode To The Oversized Silk Top

To the untrained eye, billowy silk blouse may not seem like the most versatile thing one could have in their wardrobe.
"I’m not sure a loose fitting long sleeved silk top in a bright hue is for me." You might be saying to yourself.
Well it is and I’ll tell you why:
1) A solid color top goes with just about anything. I have a variety of these in my wardrobe and they have gotten me out of many a sartorial bind.
A denim blue colored silk for example looks the business with black leggings topped with a blazer in cooler months and a hot pink version thrown over shorts an knotted at the waist makes a casual summery look.
2) silk is a beautiful thing. Soft, supple, classic and casual it’s the fabric of the gods. It looks elegant and feels luxurious against the skin, keeps you warm in the colder months and cool in the summer. I never really want to wear anything else.
3) it’s hassle free - when you buy it vintage that is. I love finding vintage silk tops because they have already been washed. 
I avoid dry clean only things when possible, and most high quality silk tops can withstand being grown in the washer and dryer. So while it is a luxury item, you can enjoy it without the pressure of costly professional cleaning.
4) comfort. Slouchy, soft and loose fitting, does it get more comfortable? 
If you don’t have at least one in your closet already, I’d highly recommend it!

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The New Rules for Sunscreen

Protect your skin out there!

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who was Morris Moskowitz?

We love finding the history behind the beautiful vintage things in our shop. Today’s listing is a lovely woven leather hand bag designed by Morris Moskowitz. 

A little digging uncovered a fascinating history. MM - as his label’s read - started designing purses in the 30’s as a teenager and went on to become the president of his own company dedicated to creating high quality unusual women’s purses.

it’s like buying a piece of history!

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